Evaluation #2

The below responses are from a three-sport varsity athlete on her way to college.


1.    What were your expectations about working with Dr. Roby before the first session? Did his instruction meet, exceed, or fall short of your expectations?

         My expectations were that Dr. Kev would be able to answer my questions pertaining to my mental confidence when it came to my sports.  I looked forward to addressing the issues and learning methods I could use to help me improve in my mental game.  Dr. Kev EXCEEDED my expectations.  He was absolutely amazing and I am more confident now than I’ve ever been in my life!  


2.    What information or lessons did you find most helpful about your session with Dr. Roby? What did you specifically learn that will help you become a better performer or athlete?

        My most favorite lesson was when he compared the decisions you make to a restaurant menu.  You always have choices when you go out to eat just like you have choices in how you think.  This clicked with my immediately and I now choose to think of chicken nuggets (the good/positive) instead of the gross broccoli (the negative thoughts).  I learned to focus on the situation I’m in and remain positive.


3.    What areas or lessons did you find to be the least helpful about your session with Dr. Roby?

        Nothing.  Every week we addressed a new topic and every week I came out of our sessions with a new boost of confidence and new method I could use to help me succeed.  Every session was beneficial. 


4.    How can Dr. Roby improve his teaching style or method of instruction?

        This answer won’t be helpful, but Dr. Kev was amazing in every aspect of this process for me and there was no part that left me confused or angry.  I love how he talked and worded things that just made so much sense.  He allowed me to open up to him and let him into a dark place in my life.  He changed the way I think about everything now and I am forever grateful for this experience and to have spent it with such a knowledgeable person as Dr. Kev.  So, I have nothing that he needs to improve on.


5.    What information about your mental game would be helpful that was not discussed in your program with Dr. Roby?  

       No.  Dr. Kev gave me something new to focus on every week and that’s just what I did


6.    If you met with Dr. Roby in his office and on the field or golf course, did you learn more in the office, or out in the field or on the golf course? What time spent was more beneficial?

       I only met Dr. Kev in his home office, but I’m sure that if he would have accompanied me to the softball field, that I would have gotten just as great of an experience.


7.    Please rate Dr. Roby on the following areas based on this scale: poor, fair, good, excellent:

         a.    Information provided:               excellent

         b.    Style of instruction:                  excellent

         c.    Ability to communicate:           excellent

         d.    Listening skills:                         excellent

         e.    Understanding your needs:      excellent

         f.     Enthusiasm and eagerness:     excellent