Evaluation #1

This is from one of the top female amateur golfers in Nevada.  She used to play professionally many years ago, then gave up the sport for several years.  Four or five years ago, she again began taking lessons and practicing diligently.  We completed our work in September of 2014. The following is her evaluation:


1.    What were your expectations about working with Dr. Roby before the first session? Did his instruction meet, exceed, or fall short of your expectations?

         My expectations were that Dr. Kev would provide me the tools that would enable me, with practice and dedication, to better manage the mental side of my golf game.  As I mentioned in my initial screening, I knew my mental game was within my control, I just didn’t have the tools to manage it.  His instruction met my expectations….and they were very high expectations!!  I know now how to manage myself mentally and in those moments where I fall short, I know how to get it back on track.  Dr. Kev has given me the tools.  The rest is now up to me!


2.    What information or lessons did you find most helpful about your session with Dr. Roby? What did you specifically learn that will help you become a better performer or athlete?

         There were several lessons that I found to be most helpful.  My Thought Menu was a huge plus!  I regularly practice choosing my “tasty tidbits.”  Who wants to eat Brussels sprouts anyway?  Focusing on Beneficial Beliefs as opposed to making damning demands has also been a huge help.  Also, learning the difference between a Training Mindset and a Trusting Mindset really enabled me to see that I was ALWAYS in the Training Mindset, regardless of whether I was practicing or playing in a tournament.  Just seeing the different traits between the two allowed me to make mental shift to a more trusting mindset when I play.  Finally, taking the time to write and read my Confidence Resume allowed me to think about my golf game in a way I had not done before.

        Knowing that I get to choose how and what I think has already allowed me to become a better performer.  Also, learning to practice trust on the driving range has had a tremendous positive effect on my preparation and has completely changed my practice habits.  Finally, I love that I finally have a pre-competition routine and a competition checklist!  Having this allows me to focus on positive, productive thoughts as opposed to frantically mentally grasping for something to hang my thoughts on.

         Overall, I have noticed that I am MUCH calmer mentally when I play.  I can find a quiet place mentally and hang out there for a while.  I don’t need to mentally search for something to focus on when a situation arises.  I know exactly what to think and how to think and I just do it.  I still have mentally challenging moments when I don’t quite control my thoughts as well as I would like but these are getting fewer and fewer and when they do arise, they have less of a negative impact on me than before.


3.    What areas or lessons did you find to be the least helpful about your session with Dr. Roby?

        The only area that didn’t light a spark for me was the “What Time is it?  The time is NOW” drill.  Being more process oriented, the Three R’s routine really resonated more with me.  I have used this a number of times and it allows me to step through the process of recognizing that I am thinking irrelevant thoughts (acknowledging the problem), regrouping (asking myself what is important at this moment), and then refocusing (just do it!) 


4.    How can Dr. Roby improve his teaching style or method of instruction?

        LOL-maybe get new reading glasses??  Other than that, I appreciated Dr. Kev’s style and approach.  Very approachable and easy to talk to. 


5.    What information about your mental game would be helpful that was not discussed in your program with Dr. Roby?

         I think we covered everything that was of concern.  I can’t think of anything that we didn’t discuss that we should have.


6.    If you met with Dr. Roby in his office and on the field or golf course, did you learn more in the office, or out in the field or on the golf course? What time spent was more beneficial?




7.    Please rate Dr. Roby on the following areas based on this scale: poor, fair, good, excellent:

    a.    Information provided:                           Excellent

    b.    Style of instruction:                              Excellent

    c.    Ability to communicate:                       Excellent

    d.    Listening skills:                                     Excellent

    e.    Understanding your needs:                 Superb (better than Excellent!)

    f.    Enthusiasm and eagerness:                 Excellent